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Present day miracles

Do miracles still happen? Today,April 16, 2014, we at BEULAH FARM found out that miracles do indeed happen now. After seeing that the weather forecasts were predicting frost for our area, we began praying for divine intervention.

Interestingly we were not only praying but were also doing all that we knew to do. With several thousand dollars invested in seed, fertilizer and work, we indeed had a lot at stake.
The first thing that we did was to place ground up leaves on top of all the 10,000 watermelon plants that were now at a vulnerable stage. Also, we filled up 3 pump up sprayers with water. These would be used to wash off the frost on the remainder of the plants that were too tall to cover. The plan was to wash off any frost before the sun shone on them. This can be very effective in mitigating any frost damage.
Then, when it was light enough to see, we were out checking for any sign of frost. What we found was a PRESENT DAY MIRACLE. On the weeds and on nearby fence posts there were heavy coatings of frost. However, on the 700 tomato, pepper, corn and potato plants, THERE WAS NO FROST! The lesson that we learned was that when you are operating under God's leadership and are diligent in what you do, you can be confident that WHERE GOD GUIDES, HE PROIVIDES.

Revelation prophecies for survival?

Survival- how was it accomplished by the early Phoenician pilgrims? The members of the lost ten tribes were used in fulfilling the prophecies of the Revelation. It has been speculated that The Nephilim were instrumental in schooling the Phoenicians in the sciences. The Phoenicians are thought to have maintained regular sailing schedules to ancient America. One of the main reasons that the Phoenicians were able to have these regular sailing schedules was because of their discovery of the properties of lodestones. Because of this discovery they were able to perfect the early compass. Before the Phoenicians, the primary hindrance to sailing long distances across an ocean was the inability of the sailing masters to determine their location and so plot their course during times of storms and cloudy weather.

Relationship of the Phoenicians with the 10 tribes of Israel
Could it have been that the close association of the Phoenicians with the Northern tribes of Israel resulted in a large number of Israelies settling in North America in the area that would become The United States of America? These early settlers, who had always been known as The People of God, were to become the forefathers of various Indian tribes.This then, provides a viable explanation for the predestined greatness of what was to later become the USA.

With this in mind, it is a natural conclusion to recognize the destiny of The U.S. to be the Place in the Wilderness that is spoken of in the twelfth chapter of Revelation. This explains the reason that we are the ones who are now called on to establish that Place in the Wilderness!

Prophecy of Revelation 12?
In the seventh chapter of the book of Daniel, the first beast is a lion. (Great Britain is often portrayed as a lion.) Interestingly, the lion is described as having the wings of an eagle. (The United States is often portrayed as an eagle). Then, in Revelation 13 there is no mention of the eagle.

This is speculation but wouldn't it be interesting if after world war three the U.S. has a spiritual turn around and so is not counted among the nations that are manipulated by the Anti-Christ? It has recently been advanced that The U.S. will be where the place of the wilderness is headquartered.

SCRIPTURAL PRINCIPLE: God has the answer before we recognize a need.

Rev. 1:3 Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of the prophecy, and keep the things that are written therein: for the time is at hand.
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